Friday, August 22, 2008

Welcome to the Family

We are having some people come in town this weekend. Justin's Mom, her boyfriend, and our nephew Sam!! Party!!! We wanted to get something a little different for the boat and that more people could enjoy. we have been keeping our eye on this for a while, so here she is

It took up our whole living room. I can't wait to go out on the water with it, I'm sure we will have some good video footage of it. I will be sure to post those as they come.

Cake Decorator!!!!

The people that I used to work for I had a lot of different job roles, one of my favorite things was watching the boys!!!!!! Last weekend Colton turned 6. He wanted a race car cake like the one that I made for Braxten last year. So I got cracking and it took me all night and some of the morning to complete this master piece. I really like doing this sort of thing, but I haven't had a whole lot of practice. HAPPY BIRTHDAY COLTON JACK!!!!!!!

Here is the cake before the cars were put on!!!!

Cake with the cars on it. Go Speed Racer!!!

Happy Birthday Colton!

Monday, August 18, 2008


So my sister in law asked me if I wanted to go to the gym with her. She had a couple of passes and wanted me to go to a couple classes with her. No big deal, how hard could it be?????? WRONG frame of mind, I thought that I was going to DIE! We went to a class called Camp24, I thought that it would be some cardio, and core training. All it was was squats!!!! Lunge into this and squat out of that. The instructor kept looking at me and saying, " Make sure that you go all the way down and come back up with your buns squeezed." I kept thinking in my head, look lady if I squat down any further than I will not be getting back up!!!!! Then at the end she goes on to say, " Remember that any of these exercises can be done in steps 1,2,or3!!" I guess I missed that memo because my legs are dead and I'm not sure if I will be able to move tomorrow. I told my sister in law that I don't know if I can do this anymore because it interferes with my ability to shop, because I can't walk!!!! All in all it was a fun time, but a lot harder than planned. Tomorrow, water aerobics.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Make a Wish

I know another blog about my birthday, but there aren't very many pictures of me on this blog, so here are a few of me blowing out my birthday candles and my new wake board!!!!!!!

New bindings, they are so nice because I can never get the tie ups boots tight enough and this will be perfect! I used the online pictures because you get a better picture than the real deal.

This is my new board!! Isn't she pretty. I know it's pretty plain, and I which it had more pink on it, but I love this board. I can't wait to use it, but we had to take the boat in to get perfect pass (it's like cruise control) so I have to wait until we get the boat back. I'm so sad, but next week I'm sure we will be out on the boat.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Skiing Grandma!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We took my mom out on the boat this past weekend. She really wanted to ski, but she thought that she didn't have enough arm strength to get up. We finally convinced her that the boat would pull her out of the water and that she wouldn't have to use that much arm muscles. So she tried it, and the first she went under, so we tried it again and this is the final product!

A little nervous at first,

And then she got the hang of it!!!! Way to go MOM!!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday Dear Emma, Happy Birthday to Me!!!!!!!!!! I got to start my day off great with a little cake testing. My sister wanted to get me a cake for my Birthday and so we went to the bakery, because we couldn't make up our minds online, so got there at 9:00 in the morning to figure it out. Her son is on a napping schedule ( way to go Karen) and so it was then or later in the afternoon and I wanted to go shopping with my husband for my B-Day present. So I dragged Justin along and went to taste cake and then off to look at new wake boards. We found a really cool one, but it was pretty expensive, so we came home to look online, but it turns out that the one was a good deal and I think that we'll go back tomorrow to get it. I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!! Although we went out this weekend and Justin got whiplash and is in a good amount of pain, it kind of sucks.

Poor Little Fella!!!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Mexican Jumping Bean!!!!

We took Justin's workers out on the boat last week. Here is one of them on the tube! The guys were afraid to come out on the boat, but Justin with his smooth talking skills convinced them that it was safe. This is the first guy out on the tube, you be the judge.

They asked to come out again and they want to bring their kids! I guess we all have a difference in safety.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Paridise Island

We had such a great vacation!!!! I couldn't have asked for a better trip than what we had as a family!!!!
For those of you who don't know we were able to go to the Atlantis Hotel in the Bahamas. Worth every penny, and lets just say there were quit a few pennies spent, but it was a great trip and can't wait to go back!

This is the plane that we boarded in Miami to go over to the Bahamas. If you look closely yes it's a prop plane. I was a little freaked out. As we are boarding the plane Justin informs me that these are the planes that the pilot's have to learn on and log so many hours on before they are allowed to fly the bigger planes. He said that this way they only kill like 30 people instead of 200 people. I was like very good to know, this is something I good have know before we got to the airport, there was no backing out know!!!!

Braxten in aw of all the stuff that there was to do!!!

As soon as you walked out of your Hotel building there was this huge pool of water, and they were filled with sea turtles. This is just one of the many aquariums that they had.

Another one look at all those fish, they were everywhere!!!

Our first day at the beach, Justin and Braxten started a project, while I got my hair braided. I know I'm a dork and I felt like a dork, because it looked pretty dumb, but it only took me 15 minutes to get ready for the day, that was nice, and if the boys only knew how much time we saved by me doing that they might not have teased me as much.
Taking a break from the sand project, and learning how to be a merman???? We did watch the 13th year before we went on vacation (it's a mermaid movie)

Cleaning off the sand!!

The finished product, a lounge chair so Justin good get some sun!!!!

Braxten gave it a try, but it didn't last long.

These chair is only fit for a KING, Braxten has a way to go before he rules all, for now he will just have to rule the house.

Another aquarium. This was wall to wall aquarium of a restaurant. I know that it sounds weird, but this was on the other side of the restaurant looking at all the fishes and other animals in the water. It was like a 1/2 mile long aquarium, it was so cool and big, bot was it big!

Ready to go swim with the Dolphins???????

Braxten is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No fear, Braxten is strong enough to do this!

Dolphin school. The boys had to learn a few facts about what they were going to be doing and what not to do while they were out with the Dolphins.

So it wouldn't be a trip without someone getting hurt. We aren't sure what it was, but something got Braxten when he was swimming in the ocean, and the way that these look we can only guess that it was a SHARK!!!!!!!!! We were on the the sand and B was in the water, we didn't see anything! Must have been a baby the nurse said!

Braxten's new wheels!! Since the bottom of his of foot was hurt he couldn't walk around. There was a lot of walking, I'm not kidding when I say that we at least walked a couple miles a day to and from the water park and getting dinner.
Shopping the town of Nassau!!!

We found a McDonald's in town and stopped to get Braxten some chicken, the people felt bad for him and so they gave him a free ice cream cone. He enjoyed that!!!

Proof that I went on the trip too!!!!!!

Braxten is a really picky eater. The buffets didn't have anything for him to eat, so he had lots of dessert and some fish, but he didn't really like the style that it was cooked. This was his first chicken dinner in days and he loved it!!!

The ice cream bench!! I just thought that this was cute and totally Braxten.

Thanks Bahama for letting us have such a great vacation!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Hello all. I have been out of the blogging world for the past couple days. We just got back from vaction, and well soon post about our trip, but I'm trying to get back in the swing of things.