Thursday, September 11, 2008

Red Neck Fishing!!!!!!!!!!

This post is for my father in law Dave. He has been waiting all summer long to get a fishing license. He moved here this summer and the season for fishing is Aug to Aug so he wanted to wait until the new year came so he didn't have to get two licenses. Well this past April, while Braxten was here for Spring Break, we decided to go fishing in our community pond in our development. I just wanted to show everyone how Justin has taught his son to fish.........
Please not the "Fishing Pole" in Justin's Hand. Now this is just an air soft gun, so don't freak out to much!!!!!

Braxten are you taking notes???

He had no problem remembering what to do in this!! Can we say Ghetto!!

Proof Justin's Dad really did teach him how to fish. Happy Fishing Dave!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

New Family Picture

It is so time for a new family picture. I meant to take pictures this summer while Braxten was here but it just didn't happen. I guess that is the story of every families life getting the family photo done. This photo was taken about two years ago, and it really needs to be updated, but I think that I look a lot better in this photo than the other one. I hate gettting my picture taken!!!