Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I know I Know I said I was WAY behind!!!! So Braxten was able to join us this year the day after Christmas. we tried so hard to make it really special for him as always. This year we went all out and got him a new Honda 70 and all the gear to go with it. He is a natural. He didn't hesitate one bit, it was so cool to see him in action.

We had him open each piece of his gear up first, without seeing the bike, but he was way to smart for us and figured it out after the first present. Last year he rode this little 4x4 while he was here and we kept telling that is what all the gear is for, but he didn't believe us. So I told Justin to take the trash out, then asked B to help him, and low and behold that was his bike.

He's a Cool Rider, He's A Cool Cool Rider!! Name that Movie?????

Rider Number 9!!!!!

So Behind!!!

I'm so behind on posting I gave up for a while. So I decided that I needed to get myself caught up so here are a few to start off.

We went to a Christmas party this year that was 80's theme. We had so much FUN!!! I love the 80's the music the dress it was great. Justin decided to dress 70's, because lets just face it 70's dress is so much cooler for guys than the ladies. He had on like 4" platform shoes on, it was so funny and by the end of the night he now knows how I feel when I wear heels all night. This is the best picture that I have, so please excuse my top messed up and not the full view, but you get the idea!
This was by far the best outfit ever!!! He had on 4" platform silver glitter boots, it was great, I love a good costume party. Always invite me I'll play along!!!