Thursday, December 15, 2011

It's Been a Year

I can't believe that the time has flown by, or maybe the last few months have, but my babies are 1 today!!! I can't believe it. They have gotten so big and love life. They are pretty happy babies all the time, unless Brody is hungry he gets mean, just like his dad. I'm so grateful for the joy and happiness they have brought into our lives. I'll post more late I just wanted to give them a shout out!

Can't even tell they were 32 wks and 6 days

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Choo Choo Soul

So this is how the train got started. Hanging out side by side taking turns being pushed around the room.
Then is turned to this, me pushing them like this
Then Dad came home and out did me big time.

Wait this looks fun I want in.
How about the next best thing.

Pure joy they had so much fun, and I'm glad that I have such a creative husband, and he loves to play with his kids.

Meet the Flinestones!!!

We always go all out for Halloween it really is one of our favorite holidays. This year we went as the Flinestones, with the neighbor kid Bam-Bam!! Of course they didn't get the idea of the costumes or trick or treating, but it was fun for me.

Two of the cutest bats I know stopped by to say hi, and hang out for a bit before meeting up with some of their friends. They didn't stick around for the haunted house though, that post is coming soon.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

From Pumpkin Buns to Pumpkin Patch

So as a mom I felt required to take the kids to the Pumpkin patch this year. Justin went out of town and i knew that this wouldn't be one of his favorite things to go do. He HATES picture taken and thinks that I'm torturing the kids by taking pics of them. So I called up all the cousins and had them all come out to come play at the patch. the kids were great and Brody loved talking pictures he does so much better with an actual camera than the my usual camera phone. I'm so used to not using a camera I forgot to charge the battery, so i crossed my fingers that it would do a good power charge on the way there, and it was a success.

So all the pictures are my favorite so I couldn't choose so you get to see them all!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Pumpkin Buns

Happy Fall Ya'll!!!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Helmet Hair!!!

So since brody was a premie he had a very soft head, so when he favored one side of his head, he got a flat spot. So he now rocks a helmet. It's very cute and he looks adorable in it, don't get me wrong, sometimes I wanna cry because i just want to cuddle my baby, but with that thing on it's a little hard, but Brody pulls it off and that's why I love my little man. He is such a fun happy little boy. If you are ever having a bad day just come visit he will give you a big ole smile that will light up your day. He really has done great with the helmet, he doesn't mind wearing it at all, he cut two teeth when we first got it, but even then he really didn't fuss to bad.
Right before he's world got rocked!!!
On the sit and spin to measure his head to get his helmet.
Getting ready for the sit and spin.
His white helmet, old and boring.
The new and improved Brody!!!! Love this kid, Go Romo!!!!

Picture overload!!

Hanging out with mom on the couch!! I love morning cuddle time, when they let me. Now days they try to attack each other so it doesn't happen very often.
Braxten trying out his brother's bib to see if it picks up all the crumbs he drops, it did, I should have had him wear it more often.
Brody's first twizzler! Come to find out he was teething and that's why he was so cranky.
Brooklyn passing the time while we were driving to colorado to visit my brother.
chillin with braxten's hat on over his helmet.
Her cousin let her borrow her sea horse light bug and recliner.
first ride in the front seat!!!! It's too hot in the back so I let him ride up front.
Brody got his two front teeth.
Brody rockin his new helmet graphics! Love it>
Stylin going to a reciption. the shoes lasted 2 seconds, my kids hate shoes.
Justin in munchkin land.
I turned 30 and justin gave me an amazing birthday party it was so much fun. Thanks babe!
wearing his sister's jammies because he didn't have any clean ones.
waiting for clothes. He looks so BIG here.
Trying to get comfy at the pool.
Dad thought that Brody needed a new toy, so he brought home the mother of all inflatables.
Brooklyn loves her feet, so she will do anything to get to them
Brookly rockin her first ponytail.