Monday, February 7, 2011


Here are some random pics from the last few weeks.
Out first walk and use of the stroller
Bottle station, this is what I do everyday twice a day. Can't wait until I can feed them myself.
Justin found some funky cheese, he calls it fromunda cheese.
Justin's lighting company did the lights on the this statue for the Superbowl, did anyone see this on ESPN it was right by there setup in Fort Worth
Raise your arms in the air if you like nap time!!
Everyone wants to roll over and see this cute little face next to you. He is chubby it's so cute!
This nap got a little wild and Brooklyn has binky ears.
I love this bib, ruff ruff

The full outfit.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Couple More pics

Here are the rest of the pictures from the photo shoot. Some of you have seen these on facebook already, but they are so cute that I wanted to post them again. I hope that you enjoy them as much as we do. These two really are so fun to have around, really so good, unless they are hungry they don't make much of a peep. I love the pictures with his arm around her, like he is going to protect her, I hope that this last and he will stay her protector. Today is their due date and I can't imagine how big these babies would have been if I had carried them longer, but I didn't and they are 7 weeks old, and I'm glad that they are here and didn't come out 8 pounders!!!!