Monday, December 27, 2010

The cutest babies in the NICU.........or that's what we think

So I guess I now know how some of you feel when you upload pictures and they don't go in the order you want them, because mac won't let you move them around so here are some random events/pictures of our cute little babies. They are both wrapped around daddy's finger and melt my heart every time I see them. Brooklyn is so easy going and happy, she smiles at us all the time and Brody is a grumpy old man!!!! they are both growing so good and have done great with little milestones. Brooklyn is completly breathing on her on and Brody is right behind her, any day now and he will be off his nose tube. Every once in a while they eat from a bottle, but they get tried real fast. As much as I wanted to be home for the holidays I wish I was home with babies in my belly, but things didn't work that way and so we are back and forth to the hospital and I'm pumping every chance I get, and the reward is great I love these two so much and I'm so happy that our family has grown.
First time we got to hold Brody
Daddy enjoying both his little babies, his sweet baby girl and his little buddy
how tiny is that little foot????? So cute, she has her mother's feet, sorry Brooklyn!
Feeding Brooklyn her first bottle.
Brooklyn's first bow
Justin had these set up for when I got home, it was pretty cool. They were 7' tall and had their names on them with all their birth information, and we get to keep that plaque.
Holding Brooklyn for the first time. This is the breathing machine that she was on at first. It was so hard to see her and Brody having to wear this, it broke my heart every time, but they were only on it for a couple of days.
Brody hated his first photo shoot. He thought," if I just lay here maybe they will leave me alone". We didn't we just laughed. He will enjoy this later in life.
Giving his dad the evil eye. He thought that his dad was supposed to look out for his best intrest and not let mom play dress up with him, but dad loved this just as much as mom did.

Brooklyn loved her photo shoot, she is so CUTE and chill and I can't get enough of her. We can't wait to have them home and being able to just sit and cuddle them.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Brody Jacob and Brooklyn Alexis Have Arrived......

I have waited a long time to right this post. Not in actual days, but years as I have waited for a long time to be an official MOM. This past week my life got turned upside down, and my dreams became reality. I have have patiently waited these last few weeks to get to go home. All I wanted is to keep those babies in my belly until January 1st at least. This past week my sonos had proved that nothing had changed and that my cervix was still measuring the same and the babies were still growing, my contractions had stopped (the first night that I entered the hospital). My doctor had said when I first arrived that around 34 weeks if I was still here he would probably send me home to bed rest, because 34-36 weeks is simi normal for having twins, but ideal was getting past 36 weeks. So week 33 came and my doctor came in and said that if I promised to behave I could go home on bed rest coming in to see him at least once a week. Check Check and Check I was so happy to go home and be at my house. So this was around 9am Wednesday morning. About 9:30 my nurse came in and to check all my vitals and send me on my way. She took my blood pressure and it was high, it's NEVER been high since I've arrived. So we checked it again and again for about an hour. Since it didn't go down he had my blood drawn and urine checked to see if everything was ok, well it wasn't. Apparently I had preeclampsia and my kidneys weren't doing good and my liver was following right behind it. So at about 5 to 11 on Wednesday just a couple of hours after I thought that I was going home, my doc came in and said that we were having the babies today. Not only were we having the babies today, and since I had gotten sick to fast with no symptoms he didn't want to chance me getting sicker with an eduction so it was strait to a c section it was. I called Justin bawling that we were having the babies today and that we weren't going home, not only were we having them, but in an hour and he needed to get there. The next opening was at 12 and that was my stop, although it took a little longer than expected because the NICU wasn't ready for us. So at about 1:45 I went back to get started and get all ready for my babies to arrive, I thought that they forgot about Justin, but they don' get the dads until they make the first incision, but then I had started to panic just a little. But that all stopped when I heard the first cry.......

Brooklyn Alexis Lee
Born 12-15-10 @ 2:11 pm
4lbs 11 oz
17 3/4 long

Brody Jacob Lee
Born 12-15-10 @ 2:14 pm
3 lbs 12 oz

16 1/2 Long
To us they look like mini me's of the two of us. It is so funny that they look so much like each of us, brody to justin and brooklyn to me. Since I got sick the first 24hrs I was on meds that would not let me out of my bed, so I didn't even get to go see them until last night, but all is good now, and I love going to visit them. I get to walk around and move, but I have no energy to do so, so it's a little overwhelming.

Here is Brooklyn in her little bed, she really is doing ok, I know that it looks a little scary, but she is just small and needs help with life.
Same with Brody, can you believe all that hair that both of them have?????? And Brody is blond how crazy is that??

Today they were a little jaundice and so they have to be under a lamp all day, and I love their sunglasses!!!!! It really was so cute to go in and see them with these on it helps to make things a little lighter. I will try my hardest to keep everyone updated, but there is a lot going on and so it's really hard to be in touch with everyone. Thanks for all your well wishes and love and support for our new little family. Love you lots, Emma and Justin

Thursday, December 9, 2010

32 Weeks

So we made it to out next milestone, 32 weeks!!!!! We are just trucking along and hanging in there. I've been here for 4 weeks now, and it's getting easier for me to deal with what's going on. They feed you three meals a day, let me out for 2 30 minute wheelchair rides, and I get to shower and watch TV whenever. It's not like jail AT ALL. Visitors have been great and I have such a good time to see new faces. Justin is so good at coming up here to visit everyday, but he is so burnt out that most of the time he is napping or he is bored out of his mind just sitting here because he can think of all the things that need to be done at home. He had someone come in and paint and repaint our house. I can't wait to see how everything looks, Justin said that it looks like a different house. He also has my cousin there working on organizing all our little messes around the house that I just ignore, because I can't get my husband to tell me what he wants done with everything, but I guess when you are paying someone to do it your attitude is a little different.

So as far as everything goes for these babies they are still playing in the womb and hopefully they are there for about 4 more weeks. The doctor has been talking about sending me home to bed rest, but yesterday when we did a couple of different tests I didn't pass them. My cervix has shorten a little bit more, but when Brooklyn's head is right there it makes a world of difference. I had to have this swab test done to see if I was leaking any juices to show signs of delivering when in the next 10-14 days and that was awful!!!!! I have had it done before and it wasn't bad at all, but this time I think just the fact that she came in at 6am to do it was the first bad thing. Then it felt like she had sand paper wrapped around the cotton ball and she was just shoving that thing up there, grrrr. I then went to go to the bathroom and shower and I notice a little bit of blood. That's when I started to freak out inside. I called the nurse station to see if that was normal and she basically said no, but it could be something else, because I had also went to the bathroom and it burned!!!!!!!!!!!! So on top of not being able to go home, they think I have a UTI. Great! I have never had something like that which I feel blessed that this is my first one, because they suck. She told me to up my liquids, to drink 4 28oz size mugs of water. I was like are you kidding me, I started to do what she asked of me, but I was up seriously every 5 minutes, I don't think it's possible for a pregnant women to do that, let alone one who is on bed rest and is supposed to be lying down. A little later I called to see what they had found out because I wanted some medicine to get this thing cured, but the nurse said she talked to the doctor and he thought it might be a kidney stone. WHAT!!!!!!!!!! So now we have to what to see what the culture says and all I can do is breathing exercises while I pee so I can handle the burn until they figure out what's going on. Needless to say yesterday was not a good day up here at the hospital. It's a little better today, but not near cleared up so I hope we find out soon. Also, after the nice cotton swab test, the doctor came in to exam me to help him get a better idea as to what was going on with my cervix and he said that it was soft and I was about 50% effaced. That made me freak out a little more because he kind of gave me a run around as to what that meant, but the nurse told me that people can walk around for weeks at that, so that helped relieve my worry some. So the doctor came in today and said that he will most likely have me home for Christmas and then from that I only have about 2 weeks left before I want to have the kids so I'll have to be really good at home. I can't wait for these guys to get here, as much as I hate all this sitting around I know that life is going to get really crazy soon, but after all this I can't wait to see and hold these little guys.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

New View

So I'm movin on up. To the East side, to a deluxe apartment in the sky!!!!!!!! That's right folks someone went home today and since I have been here the longest I got to move into a MUCH bigger room with some what of a view. I can actually fit in my bathroom now without bumping my belly on the door when I was trying to enter it or leave. Justin gets so antsy that he starts to pace, and in our old room it would drive me nuts. Now he can do it because he is far enough away from me that that's not all I can see. So we went from a shoe box to a refrigerator box. I have the biggest smile on my face. So now when you come to visit me I'm in a different room down the hall, and for all those who haven't come to visit shame on you!!!!! Just kidding, I understand everyone is busy or has kids, but please feel free to bring them on up because there is enough room for a small party now. The doctor can't make up his mind on to if he is going to keep me here or let me go home so he keeps giving me false hope, now that I have this good room watch him let me go home and I won't get to enjoy this. Who am I kidding one night in this room is worth the move, but to be honest with you I hope he keeps me here a little longer so Justin can get through Christmas lights and not have to worry about me getting up to get myself breakfast and lunch or trying to do something I'm not supposed to do because I'm home and I see that something needs to get done. I had Justin do a little rearranging when we got in here and he didn't quite finish and it's killing me!!!!! My clothes are still sitting in my suitcase, and all my bathroom stuff was still in it's bag, but I needed to get ready for bed so I had to but all my bathroom stuff away, but I was good and left the clothes alone because these babies do not like me up on my feet.