Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Say Cheese!!!
Riding around in my automobile, With my baby at the wheel
DJ Brody
Loves it up there with his Dadddy
She looks pure evil in this picture
Bubba Time
She thinks she's a big girl hangin with bubba
Fun new trick, we have since baby proofed the kitchen
He fell asleep with a french fry in his mouth
He can't seem to find his cracker, and he my be a little drunk
if you look close he is still hanging onto his balloon
Big kids
Double whammy
Late night trip to the ER with a VERY sick boy right!!! So I thought, it was croup

Trying New Things

I think that we can check spaghetti off as a hit!! They loved it!

Little Beethoven..

If you know Brody you know that he loves music. This little guy dances as soon

as he hears any type of beat. It doesn't matter what the tune is or what style of music, except country he doesn't care for that too much.

birthday babies

These two were not afraid to dive in and get started on something sweet. I know that the cakes are bright and colorful but don't be alarmed they didn't consume much!!! It was so fun to celebrate with all most of our family and some friends. Being One is great for me, I feel like we have so much freedom.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Happy New Year

Well I never got around to a christmas card or a new years card, so Merry Christmas and happy New year. Poor braxten right when we got there to take pictures he got sick and so he thought he felt better so we started to take pictures, only for him to throw up two more times, so he doesn't look well, we probably should have rescheduled the shoot, but I was trying to get christmas cards sent out so I was being selfish. I was hoping for a better pic, but none the less this is what we got, I think I look good!!!!! anyways hope everyone had an amazing christmas and fun with their families like we did.