Monday, March 24, 2008


A few weeks ago we were blessed with SNOW! It's March in Texas and we got a full snow storm. We had a good 6" of snow in our back yard. I have never seen this much snow in Texas before. Justin wouldn't go outside and play with me, he is way to spoiled with good snow from Utah, he said that this snow would be to wet and he didn't want to go outside. Party pooper!!!

Ride Em Cowboy

For Justin's Birthday this year we celebrated it at Texas Roadhouse!!! Yummy!!! It was great. When we went to dinner Justin's brother Ryan, and his wife and baby came and so did his cousin Todd and his wife and baby. Tanner doesn't like really loud noise. So the couple of other people who had the crew sing happy birthday to them Tanner didn't like it and he started crying. Towatds the end of dinner, Tanner started crying and so they got up and went outside with him. While the did that, they told the waitress to come and sing to Justin. So we heard the crew start clapping and heading our way, I told Justin that this was for him and he said yeah right your can't do that to Tanner he doesn't like the sound, well Tanner was gone and sure enough they were on their way to sing to Justin. Justin loves Roadhouse, but he forgot that you have to ride the saddle when it's your birthday. I didn't and I remembered to bring the camara to capture the event.

Thursday, March 6, 2008


As most of you know Justin's brother and his family moved down here fron Utah for them to start a business together. Things are going great and moving right along, but they can't get by with out their board meetings every once in a while. I guess everyone does it different!!!!

Sweet Baby!!

Babies are always so addorable when they are sleeping. I love it. They give their cute little sweet smiles as they sleep, or have some great positions. I got to babysit little Olivia, my niece, a while ago and I just got around to downloading the pictures so I had to show her off. She is the cutest little thang ever. She is so much fun to be around, I think she makes Justin want kids, maybe, well probably not, but here's for hoping.