Monday, February 15, 2010


So I'm so behind on my blogging I don't even know when this happened, but it was a fun filled evening. Justin's cousin called and asked us to come help him to get out of the mud. Justin hesitated because he didn't want to drive across town and by the time we got there, they would be unstuck. Well let me tell you that was NOT the problem. We arrived on scene to this...

One very stuck truck and one very confused dog!!!
Then we did a little of this and that and got no were fast.

So we decided to try at a different angle, and that is what lead us to this.
Two very stuck trucks and one very confused dog still. After getting to trucks stuck beyond movement we decided to bring in the big guns.
This made the big boys happy and one little boy VERY happy, Cash, who is two, wouldn't leave the cab of the CAT even when they were trying to figure out what the next move was. If you look closely you can see him standing in the window. After a lot of hard work and probably three hours of trying, we got them out. Only to do this.....

So getting this stuck lead to calling the tow truck, but not just any tow truck the biggest of them all.
This had to put down leg support things and use all it's might to pull this skeedster out, but we did succeed and it only took about 4 1/2 hours to get everything unstuck. While this was all going on me and the kids were watching Elf in the truck waiting patiently to go to dinner, we were some very hungry folks when this all ended, and dirty.

This doesn't do it a lot of justice, but this hole was deep. Well thanks for the fun filled evening Andy, when can we do it again???