Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Blessed is the Nation Whose God is the Lord Pslam 33:12

May dad sent me this e-mail and I don't normally wathc this kind of stuff, but take a few minutes and watch this. I really is Powerful.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Good Photographers

So a while ago we went to Utah and got awful pics. I called her and she really didn't care that we didn't like the pictures and said that any photo lab would/could fix the pictures we didn't like. Whatever, her mom is on hospice and she was out of town with her, so I cut my losses and decided that she needed the money more than I did. On a good note, when my family was here for Halloween, we got some family photos done and I love them. One of the women that I was in in Young Womens with took them, and she has some amazing talent. I love her eye for a good picture is keen, anyone who lives in this area should really use her for your family photos.

Montage of all the good pics>
Individuals of my niece and nephew. I love them Jenna is a little model in the making.
For some reason I couldn't get the one of my niece Paige uploaded but she is in a tree with all the fall colors, it is so cute.
Thank goodness for good Photographers!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, November 6, 2009


OK so when we went up to Utah for Braxten's Baptism we got some family photos taken. We had a little bit of a struggle finding a photographer, I'm not going to lie. My mother in law found a lady who is well known for wedding photography and so forth. At a wedding there are quite a bit of family photo shoots so I didn't think that she could be that BAD!!!!!! I can't get over how frustrated I am at how bad the pictures turned out. Some are blurry, some the kids aren't smiling or looking at the camera, some we aren't holding the baby right so you can't see her, others are too far away, they just didn't turn out well at all. So we paid a good amount of money for pictures and to get the CD of the photo shoot, not $100, not even $200 We paid $300 dollars for pictures that weren't photo shopped and look awful. This lady was the one looking through the camera, so when she saw that both my boys weren't smiling for any of the photos, why didn't she say anything??????? When my sister in law was holding her baby and you couldn't see her face the way she was holding her, why didn't the photographer say anything?????? She took our pictures and our money and then didn't get our CD to us until about 3 1/2 to almost 4 weeks later, because she had to go out of town. I'm sorry being a business owner, you have to finish up your work before you leave or take it with you. What the heck do I do now???? Is it bad to complain??? Is it possible to get our money back?? Or at least some of it?? If she would have taken the photos of us and we paid the cheaper price and had to buy them from her, I don't know that I would've bought any!! That's how bad they are!