Wednesday, October 29, 2008


This past weekend we went to a Murder Mystery Dinner. It was so much fun!! We all brought something Halloweeny to eat, I brought some eyeballs and mummy dogs. The eyeballs looked really cute, but they were really sweet. I didn't think that they were that bad, but most people didn't like them, which is fine because it was all the spirit and atmosphere not really the taste. We all had different parts to dress up as, I was a dental surgeon and Justin was a actor who is most famous for Dracula, so that's who he was supposed to dress as.

It was so much fun to see everyone else get into their parts and have a good time. Todd, Justin's cousin was hilarious. I was laughing so hard at him playing his part at times it was hard to breathe. Justin's Uncle Steve really got into it as well and even handed out business cards to everyone that he was a vampire slayer, it was great. Todd and Abby put so much time and effort into this party. It was upstairs so we went up and there is a big landing so to speak. This is were we got the intro to the party and a little bit of the details. Then, they opened the doors to the "west wing" and they had hung trash bags from the ceiling to make a maze. As we walked through the maze, Todd would so various things to scare us. It was so perfect!! Then at the end of the maze they have another big room, that they completely decked out for us to sit and enjoy all the snacks and that's were we played the game. It was long, but fun! I was so tired because earlier that day I went with my really good friend to be her model for her last test for beauty school. She wanted to leave at 6:00 am so I needed to be up by 5:00 so I could get ready. The test started at 8:30, but she didn't get done until 12:30 and then we didn't get home until 1:15. Then I had to go to the grocery store and get all the supplies for the snacks for the party and then make them. They were very time consuming, so I never got a nap. I was tired, but had a great time. Oh, my friend past her test and so she is now officially legal to do hair, way to go Aimee.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

New Life

As many of you know, Justin and I have been trying for some time to have children. It's been a long drawn out process that always seem to get our hope up and then our dreams never coming true. Within the last few months I have gone to see a new doctor. My mom works in a doctor's office that has varies types of doctors in it, chiropractor, nutritionist, face and hair laser removal and things like that. Well one of the guys is a endochronogist basically a hormone doctor. I went in to see if he could help me get pregnant. He told me that I need to me taking the same medicine that my fertility gut gave, which made me so sick I stopped taking it. I was like great here we go again. The meds that he described to me was the same stuff, but it was timed released and so it shouldn't make me as sick. He also told me that in order for this all to work and for me not to get sick I need to change my diet. I was like ok I guess I could at least to that, sounds easy enough right????? Wrong, he told me that I needed to stop eating, bread, rice, pasta, potatoes, and sugar. Basically no carbs and no sugars. This is so much harder than I thought it was going to be. It's so hard to think and come up with food ideas. Lunch and dinner are pretty easy, but breakfast is my hardest meal to eat. I knew that I was doing this for a reason, but it still made it hard. The results paid off, the medicine didn't make me sick and if I ever felt sick, it's because I knew I eat something I wasn't supposed to, and I lost about 6 pounds. I can really feel that lose in my clothes, now I just need to go shopping again!! That's always nice. I have been doing this about a month now and I had a follow up visit last week with my doctor and he has high hopes for us if I continue on this diet, and take my thyroid medicine oops!! I don't know if this is the answer and we will be able to get pregnant naturally, but either way I know that my body is going to take better to the treatments and procedures when and or if we have to do invitro. When I started this whole process I didn't really put two and two together, that me being insulin resistant, I'm prediabetic. So if I keep on this diet for the rest of my life pretty much I might never become diabetic, which would be great. So here's to a new life and dreams coming true. If anyone has some good recipes out there for healthily eating I would love some good tips and ideas.

Monday, October 13, 2008

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MISSING!!!!!!! A lost blogger who has been so unbusy, that blogging my life wasn't even interesting so I just didn't do it!!!! I know that I have been out of the blogging world for a while now but I wanted to come back and let everyone know what has been going on lately. A few weeks ago Justin left for his first ever MotoAdventrue with his two cousins and uncle. Just go a dirt bike this past year and has been practicing for this trip. The other boys have been doing the trip for a while now, and Justin finally got to go this year!! Yeah for Justin. Normally the girls all fly into Utah and do a little shopping and hanging out until the guys get there, but this year most of us stayed home because tickets are ridiculous and we are all going to Utah in November for Justin's mom's wedding. I had big plans to do some "spring Cleaning" while Justin was away, but it never happened, so I still have that to do. Justin had so much fun on his trip and he can't wait until next year.

While Justin was away I had some really great and exciting things happen. One of my really good friends, Aimee, was expecting a baby and had been on bed rest for about 3 weeks. She needed a ride to her doctor's appointment so I went with her to get out of the house, but mostly to have some girl time. I took her on Monday and everything was fine, then I took her again on Thursday and that day the doctor decided that they were going to have a baby!!!! I was like holy crap!!! So I went with her over to the hospital and hung out with her while they got everything started and for her mom and husband to show up. I didn't really have anything else to do that day, so I hung out and we talked about how she was feeling and everything about child birth. I ended up staying for the whole thing and it was the most exciting thing that I have ever watched. Amiee did so good, she was trying so hard to have the baby natural because she had a bad experience with the epidural last time, and she did amazing!!!!! About an hour before little Jager got here she got the shot and it barely kicked in before he came, and it wasn't until after he entered this world did it really kick in and then she couldn't feel her legs, but she did such great job and I defiantly think that everyone should watch that before they have a baby, a lot of my fears and questions have been answered not to say that it is going to be a breeze, but I know what to somewhat expect!!! He is such a cute little guy and I'm so happy for Aimee and her family the are finally complete.

So Sunday morning, the day Justin was getting home, I went to watch a family in our wards kids while they went out of town. I had such a good time. So I got there early Sunday morning and then we all went to go pick up Justin. Justin had work all week so he stayed at our house while I stayed over there. It was kind of a bummer, but I had such a fun week!!! The kids were so good and fun. I laughed to hard at Gavin, he was the four year old, he was so funny and just dang cute!!!!! All of them had different personalities and they were all great, but Gavin made me laugh the most. That kid loves macaroni and cheese, he ate pretty much the whole box, with his head in the bowl like it was going to disappear if he didn't eat it fast enough!!! I had a great time!!!

It's now back to reality, Justin's home so I have to go to the store to get food and make dinner. So I went to Costco today and loaded up!!! Good ole Costco!!!