Tuesday, October 5, 2010

New Posts

So I'm going there my camera that I never use to see all the pictures that I have never documented. So here are a few new posts and there are more to come.


So next on my list of things that never made it to the blog was how much my boys love riding!!!!!! Braxten came down for Spring Break and they went riding everyday. Also, Justin finally got a new bike and he loves it. The deal with a new bike was that he could have a new bike when I got a baby in my belly. Well a great deal came up on a new KTM and so I couldn't deprive him of something that he was so in love with because we were waiting for some thing that I wasn't sure was ever going to happen. I guess since he got what he wanted we got a little extra in return, TWINS!!! Anyway, here are some fun shots of the boys loving there new toys.
And since he bought a new bike he had to sell his old one, we had the perfect person to buy it, Ryan his brother, so they same with us to the motocross park, I didn't get any pictures of Ryan, but with all of us there there had to be a few rides given, isn't she the cutest motocrosser you've ever seen.

Dominican Republic Here we come!!!!!

Yes you read this right we went to the DR this past February. One of Justin's lighting suppliers had an incentives that if you sell enough product they give you a trip to wherever they are going that year. This past year, Justin, me and his brother Ryan all went. We stayed at am all inclusive resort, we ate lost of food, lied on the beach, and went out on the buggy buggy cars.
There was so much dust on our tour that they told us to wear this bandannas so that we could still breathe.
The first of the tour was on the road. That's right the ROAD/Highway. It was so funny that things like this can fly. Along with us being aloud on the road so is livestock, if you look closely you can see brown spots is tried horse patties. So the whole time that we were on our tour we had to dodge poo. If you ran it over it would fling poo back at us, it was so gross!!!!! One lady hosed her husband, all up his arm and all oer his shirt, I told Justin if he did that to me I would throw up on his lap. The cars themselves were far more exciting than the actual tour, or coffee and sugar and a really lame flea market, but we had a great time and made some new friends.
Good thing we got the bandannas huh!!!!!!

So after the buggy buggy cars we headed to the beach, and saw this
Oh baby this was a sight!!!!!! He was out there every day in his tiny little swim suit and it just made me laugh every time.
The guys didn't enjoy the view as much so they headed out for some kayak surfing and had a good time. Thanks DR for such a great time, I loved the break, but it was so humid as gross down there that my feet were swollen the whole time and I could only wear one of the pair of flip flops that I brought, but it was fantastic.

Cowboys Playoffs!!!

This is how far behind I am on posting events in our lives!!!! At the beginning of the year Justin and I went to our first playoff game. It was so much fun. There was so much energy in the stadium that it made the whole thing completely different. They won, but as we know they didn't make it all the way, but here's to this year. Go Cowboys!!!!!