Sunday, December 28, 2008

Santa Delivered!!!!

Well for the last few months, ever since we got the boat, I've been asking for a new camera. Our camera was fine, but it was really slow. We got it about 5 years ago, and it just seems ancient. I started to notice this when we would be out on the boat and I would miss half the pictures because my camera was to slow, and not process the picture fast enough. So this year for Christmas SANTA delivered and I love my new camera!!!!!

He told me that they were all sold out of the camera that I wanted so he didn't know what to get me. I was annoyed that he waited until two days before Christmas, but he did really good this year. He got me my new camera, two new pairs of jeans and two shirts to layer with a necklace to match. He is good, but not that good he had help from the lady at the store, but I do have to say that he did a good job. I had to go back and get a size smaller in the jeans, but that's always good right???

First picture with the new camera.

We had Christmas with my family the Monday before because my parents were going out of town. I had used most of the wrapping paper in the house, so my husband used the used wrapping paper and boxes from the night before that were crumpled up in the box to wrap my presents. It makes me laugh every time I think about it. Please excuse my dazed look it was early!

My new shirt and necklace. Thanks babe!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Things that make you feel old........

... so for the past year I have really started to feel old.
1. I got a Christmas card today of a little girl that I used to babysit for and she is now in HIGH SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! When I first started babysitting her she was like 18 months or close to 2. Then I went to visit one of my families that I first started nannying for and the oldest girl, who was nine when I first started watching them, is a senior in high school.
2. When you are listening to the radio and some of the songs are now just noise to you and you have to change the station. To my defense it is mostly the heavy medal stuff Justin listens to sometimes, but still.
3. That a lot of the fashions that were around when I was a young are back in style, and since I don't wear them I'm out of style.
4. When you can't stay up past midnight anymore without being grumpy or having a nap earlier in the day because you know that I was going to stay up late.
5. When you think back when I was in school gas was only $.89!

I'm grateful that I have found a lovely wonderful husband who works hard for our money!! Hard for the money, sorry I broke out into a little song there, but I hope that I have children before my eggs dry up!!! I know I'm not that old, but sure do feel like it.

Friday, December 5, 2008

I'm a Dork!!!

This past summer while Braxten was here there was a tragedy in our family, the Karaoke machine broke. I was so sad, and mad at the same time, but it was no one's fault as much as I wanted it to be. When Braxten goes to sleep he likes the TV or movie to be on to help him get to sleep. The karaoke machine's TV was big enough for him to use it as the TV and dvd player. I think that he also likes it as a night light. One night when he was going to bed the machine wouldn't read the disk and hasn't worked ever since, trust me I've tried. I was going to take it to get fixed, because I was having withdraws. In talking about it with my friend Amie, she told me since I got it at Costco take it back. It's been three years since I have bought the dang thing, but I tried it anyway to see if they would take it back, and they DID!!! I was so happy, and this is the only time of the year when they have them in the store so I was so excited. The only one they had ended up being $50 less than the old one and so I was able to get a Nativity set for $20 bucks. OK so so far I'm not a dork, but I hurried home after I bought it, set it up and sang for like an hour all by myself. I'm so thankful for the karaoke invention, because I love to listen to myself talk, and now I can hear my awful voice on the microphone, it's so great. So anyone up for a little song rehearsal??? Come on over!

Isn't she pretty.