Monday, November 29, 2010

30 Weeks

(Nice facial expression)

So we made it to 30 weeks!!!!!! I've been here at the hospital for two and a half weeks and it really hasn't been that bad. I've had lots of visitors(thank you all) and wonderful husband who is here as much as he possibly can be. I have great nurses that are really nice, some are a little odd or really by the book which is a little annoying, but for the most part they are great. the babies are doing great. They move like crazy now and it's so funny, because Brody tries so hard to kick off the heart rate monitor and the contraction monitor whenever they are on. Brooklyn doesn't have very much room to move, but she tries. Yesterday at when the doc did the sono she weighed in at 4lbs and Brody at 3.2lbs. I was a little worried that he was so small, but the doc said that he is normal and she is a little fatty. So cute!!!!! Last time they told me their weight she was 3lbs and he was almost 3lbs and that was 2 weeks ago, so I'm hoping that they only grow about 3 more lbs or I'm going to have one HUGE belly. As boring as it is up here I'm so happy that my cervix still measures the same, it hasn't gotten any shorter, and my contractions are minimal. I'm also happy that even though I'm eating three well rounded meals a day I haven't gained any weight while on bed rest, but it's probably because I'm losing muscle, but it is what it is. Last week a couple of my friends came up for a girls night and we played games and made a count down chain, so I get to tear one off a day until hopefully 36 weeks and then the babies will be here. If you don't mind keep us in your prayers so these babies come out healthy and happy.

Friday, November 26, 2010

I've been busy

So while I have been here in the joint I've had lots of projects to keep me sane. If any of you know me really I'm not really a crafty person, I just don't use my time with crafts I'd rather be unproductive and watch TV or read a book. So to add a little somethin somethin to this place I have been making a few thing to hang up and decorate.
Started decorating for Christmas a little with my North Pole venue. Santa Claus is coming to town!!

Then I dabbled in a little light coloring projects to keep me busy. Until I got some real projects.

My sister came over with a bag full of goodies and all the materials to actually do a real craft project. We stared with making these flowers, I'm allergic to the real thing so I settled for these bad boys that won't lose their color or start to wilt. I love them and they were so easy to make, I should make another bouquet.

This was my next project. My sister went and got me some scrapbook paper and I went to town with cutting the pages into strips and then gluing them on the wreath. I was pretty time consuming, but I have a lot of time around here. I plan on making three more of these. Another Christmas one and then I want to make a boy one and a girl one for Brody and Brooklyn's room.

This was my last endeavor. I ripped pages from a book and then rolled and fanned and twisted the pages to glue them to this wreath. I need to fix the middle of it, and make it have more of a hole, but then it should be good. I have few more things in the works, like making hair bows for Brooklyn and I'm working on a cross stitch, but I'm not really that good at it, to many holes. Hopefully I can fix it.

Hey Mary do these wreaths look familiar???? Did y'all do them for enrichment???

Thursday, November 25, 2010


sunshine on my face
bundling up for cold weather
hot cocoa on that cold day
doctors and nurses who take care of me
my babies kicking and growing in my belly
my husband who is taking care of me
projects that keep me busy
friends that stop by to say hello
the joy of being pregnant and anticipating their birth
medicine that can stop contractions
air control in my room so that it's a nice 65 degrees
my daily shower to get out of bed
wheelchair rides to get out of my room
my home
my love and knowledge of the gospel
yummy desert
a good vacation
giggles from a child
smiles from a stranger
happy people
things that make me laugh (which is a lot)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

I Want.......

I want.......

to have a normal pregnancy
to have my babies grow as long as possible in my belly
to wear all my cute maternity clothes at home hanging in my closet
to not have a sore bum from lying down sitting in a bed all day
to start enjoying this time off from cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping
to walk down the hall
to be able to go to church
to be able to go any where
to drive my car
to not worry if I took to long of a shower
to be able to go Christmas shopping instead of doing it online
to be able to see my baby furniture that just came in
to be able to help my husband with work so that he is not so run down and over worked
to have a better attitude about being on bed rest
to find more projects to do while I'm sitting here
to appreciate that the doctors found this problem before it went to far
to not hate my doctors for not letting me go home
to know that I can handle this and not go crazy or go into a depression
to have better hospital food
to be able to go home for thanksgiving dinner
to stop feeling sorry for myself and be thankful that my babies are safe inside me

Today was a hard day!!! Even though I've been blessed with great friends and family that have been so kind to come and visit me whenever they get a chance, I still felt like I was all alone. I have been doing lots of projects to keep me busy, but that's all it is is busy work. I'm sorry that this post is so negative but that's my mood today. I did get wheelchair privileges yesterday so i got to go outside and enjoy the fresh air, and tonight my sister ad her family and my parents all came up here and Justin wheeled me down to the cafeteria for dinner. It was nice to eat a meal at a table and chair instead of my bed. So this week should be good, and I can look forward to getting out of me room for 30 minutes twice a day, so that will be nice. I'm keeping my glass half full and looking at the days that have past instead of how many more there will be. once i get my pictures off my phone I will post the fun projects that I've been doing.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My first week!!!

Not everybody that I blog with is a friend on facebook as well, manly because I don't really facebook a ton and for that matter I don't really blog a whole lot either. Anyways, last Wednesday I went to the Doctor for a check up and a sono. We did the sono first, and everything was looking good, the babies are growing good, nothing looked abnormal and they were weighing in pretty close to 3 pounds each. This was my 28 weeks appointment, so in my eyes things were great. The tech needed to get one more measurement, and that was of my cervix, which she was having a hard time doing, so she did the internal sono. I thought nothing of it, since this is my first pregnancy and all I thought that this was normal. She didn't really say a whole lot just that we'd have to see what the doctor had to say. Justin was teasing me and telling me that I would love bed rest because all I do is lay around and do nothing. Whatever!!! So the doctor came in and Justin was correct he was putting me on bed rest. My cervix had shortened and I was apparently having contractions. So since we didn't want the babies to come early he told me that I was going on bed rest. I looked at Justin and gave him an evil eye, but then that's when the doctor dropped the bomb on me, he said ok so I'm going to call upstairs and have them get a room ready for you. WHAT!!!!! Yep that's right folks, he but me on bed rest at the hospital for the remainder of my pregnancy, at least 6 weeks. I almost started crying right then and there not because there was a possibility that I might go into labor, but I was going to be stuck at the hospital and I didn't get to do my favorite thanksgiving tradition, black Friday shopping. I didn't worry about the babies, because for some reason I don't have a fear of them coming to early, it's weird, so hopefully I'm right about this, but I know that the doctor caught this in time that me and babies will be safe. The first night I was having some contractions so they put me on some medicine to stop them, and the next morning me cervix hadn't changed so that was a good sign. To me though all I could think about is that they got my contractions to stop, they put me on a pump of medicine so I can take it home, so why can't I be on bed rest at home?????? I'm still having a really hard time with that, but I know that here if anything happens I'm here and hopefully they can get it under control. The babies are moving a ton more and it's so funny to watch my belly contort and pop when they kick. We've come to realization that their names are going to be Brody and Brooklyn, and know I tend to call them that and it's fun. Brody is not a fan of the heart rate monitor that they put on my belly twice a day and tries to kick it off the whole time he is on it. He has even been know to roll over so that we have to hold the sensor a certain way and angle so that we can get this heart beat. Thank you to all the people who have had time to come up and say hello, and bring us food. Justin teased me about being on bed rest, but he's on it too because all he can do is come up here and sit with me at night, which is hard for him because he doesn't like to sit still. He has had to do my laundry and bring me supplies from home whenever he gets a chance, while he is running around trying to get Christmas lights up and bids and get over a cold, poor guy. I think that there is a reason women are meant to housewife's!!!!! He is doing a great job and I couldn't thank him enough. I'll post more pictures on the next update with some of the projects I'm doing and a picture of my big fat belly.