Monday, November 24, 2008

Much Better Day!!! So I Thought.

So today has been a much better day in the life of MOM. Dylan has been such a trooper. He woke me up at 5:45, ouch, this morning and was ready for some more food. I feed him a bottle and then to my surprise he was ready to play. My sister told me that he would wake up early, take his bottle and then go back to sleep. I was in shock!!! After we played for about 45 minutes the eye rubbing began and he was back to bed. He slept long enough for me to shower and get ready to leave. We went and ran a few errands, and then we were off to the grocery store for some BABY FOOD, no more of this bottle crap!!! I stocked up and came home to try it out. At first Dylan wanted nothing to do with the food, I had woken him up from his car seat nap. Then after a little bit he went to town on the yo baby yogurt that I got him. I was very excited and impressed. Today I was very excited to watch my cute little guy, and not cursing my sister for leaving her 9 month old baby with me while she was basking in the sun in Mexico. Tonight my brother and his family and my mom and dad are coming over so that D Dog can be around the kids. He loves watching the kids!!!!

So in the middle of writing this Dylan woke up from his nap, THROWING UP, AGAIN!!!!! I cleaned everything up and watched his clothes. I waited for reinforcements!!! My mom stopped by the store and bought some non milk based formula. And then it happened, I started to not feel well myself. I thought that maybe I had not eaten well and so I felt nauseous. I went to Cabela's with my brother and then when I got home, my mom had started dinner and the smell made it even worse. Dylan wasn't sick from the formula, even thought when we cut back on the formula and diluted it he seemed to keep it down, he had the FLU and gave it to me. I was in the bathroom most of the night and I couldn't sleep because my body hurt so bad. Finally about 3:00 am my belly felt better and I slept until Dylan woke up. I slept upstairs so that I wouldn't get Justin sick. When D Dog and I came down to get a bottle this morning, Justin told me that he had been trowing up since 3:00 am. I couldn't move my body hurt so bad, and when Dylan went down for a nap so did I and when I woke up my body didn't even want to move, so I called my mom and they came and got Dylan a day early. I don't think that I could have made it through the rest of the day with Dylan here. I give all those mom's out there who have to deal with there children when they are sick too, because it was hard, I didn't even have enough energy to bath Dylan this morning. And everyone knows what it is like when there husbands are sick it's never fun. Tomorrow is a new day and I hope that everyone here at the Lee household is better and that we will all be better to leave for Utah on Thursday morning. Here's for hoping, that we are well and that even though Justin was sick today he will be able to finish all his work before we leave. Cross your fingers that everything goes smoothly.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Playing Mom

So my sister and her husband went out of town for Thanksgiving with his family. They all went to Mexico!!! While they are away I'm in charge of the "little gherkin", Dylan, AKA "D" Dog. So last night he came home with me from my mom's house, and he fell asleep in the car. Once we got home, to my house, I got him out to put P.J.'s on and ready for bed, by now he had woken up. He freaked out, he didn't know were he was and he wanted his MOM. After about an hour and a half I got him to sleep through his chilling cries. I have never heard this boy cry as hard and as much as he did. This morning, i could hear him making sweet little noises and so I went to get him up out of bed. As I got closer to the bed I could smell it. He had thrown up in the bed and his diaper was FULL of water poo! Dylan thought was happy as could be with no cares in the world. So I but all his bedding and clothes in the wash and fed him breakfast. Then we went to take a bath. While I was filling the bath up, he projectile spit up all of the bath, so I drained the water and started over. Right before I was to get him out he did it again. All the while he is still acting just fine and laughing and having a good time. So then we came down and played and I gave him some juice, obviously it hasn't hit me that he might not be feeling well. He kept the juice down, and went down for a two hour nap. He wake up happy and great so we had some peaches and played and then some more formula. Right as he got to the end of the bottle he came up for air and started to spew AGAIN. I caught most of it in my hand and ran for the sink. I cleaned him up and we played some more, still acting just fine and happy. After a while he gets fussy so I give him some water and them get him ready for church. Dylan's all ready so I finish getting ready and then Try and pry Justin from the Cowboys game. The whole time before church I'm trying to get breakfast made, while Justin sleeps in, and get dinner ready enough so that when we get home from 5:00 church there isn't a whole lot left to do. So I'm doing all this with a kid on my hip because all he wants is me and clearly he isn't feeling so great at this point. All the spitting/throw up still hasn't triggered anything in my mind so we leave for church."D" Dog falls asleep on the way. Right before the sacrament gets past he wakes up ready to play. We get the bread every thing's good, then the water comes to me, right as he puts the tray in front of him, Dylan starts trowing up the water and peaches. I had grabbed a towel just in case, and he filled is. I ran out of sacrament meeting and Justin followed me with the car seat. D and left church while Justin stayed because he had to teach. I made a couple of phone calls and came to the conclusion that it's the formula making him sick. So I have given him less and gave him watered down formula and everything has been good since. What a nightmare!!!!!!!!!!! He has only been taking this formula for about a week, but half formula and half breast milk. His poor little belly couldn't handle this stuff, and man does it stink. I hope that tomorrow is a much better day, I'm going to buy some baby food so I don't have to feed him very many bottles. We'll see how it all goes. Wish me luck!!!!!

Friday, November 14, 2008


My mother in Law is getting married in a couple of weeks!! We are so very excited for her and her future husband Russ. I have been shopping for the past month now for something to wear for me and my boys, well mostly Braxten and Sam (my nephew). They are going to look so good and I'm so excited. I finally got everything together for there outfits, and I found the cutest dress to wear. I'm so excited!!!!! I got the best deal on it too, that makes it even more of a score. Anyway, now I need shoes. I can't seem to find any cute black shoes. Where are some of the best places you like to buy shoes????


One of my friends on her blog is asking people for ideas. I thought that this was a great idea and it would give me something write for a while. I have a hard time coming with something to write about. I feel that I live a very boring life! So I'm enlisting your help, leave a comment with a question for me. Anything kind of question, I'll answer it. Thanks for the idea Jen and sorry for copying. I want to be like you!!!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


This morning I was watching Jon and Kate plus 8. I love those cute little kids, ,and how funny the parents are to each other. This week they went to Hawaii for a fun vacation and one of the things that they went to do as a family, was going Sailing. I was laughing because all I could do was think about how awful my experience sailing in Hawaii was, I was like SUCKERS!!!!!
About a year and a half ago, Justin and myself, my sister Karen and her husband and my mother in law all went to Hawaii. It was so much fun!!! At the time Justin's grandma and aunt lived there so it was fun to go visit family and see the newest cousin. One of our adventures that we went out on was a Sail Boat Ride. I was a little nervous at first, but we went and bought all the appropriate measures for motion sickness. I am the worst at getting car sick, so I was pretty sure that I would get sea sick. So here are some pictures of how the first part of the trip went....It all went down hill from there. As we went out sea, the waves were huge!!!! At some points the boat was flat on it's side and I thought that we were going to be launched out of the boat, it was so scary and I did not like it at ALL!!! All I wanted to do is get off the boat. And then there was the sea sickness.....

I wasn't really throwing up, but I wanted to! At one point it was so bad that I went to lean over the boat to spew. As soon as I did that the boat shifted and it was on it's one side and I almost flew out of the boat, I was to scared to spew. From then on all I wanted to do is get off the stupid boat, FAST!!
To be honest I think the guy just wanted the money and he really shouldn't have taken us out that day, but I guess we'll never know. He asked us if we wanted go snorkeling, and I was like are you kidding me??? The highlight of the the trip was the front seat....

Grandma wouldn't leave the seat the whole time.

It could have been it's because she got stuck, sorry grandma!!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Chirstmas is Coming.........

......and the goose is getting FAT!!!!! OK so it seems that Christmas is just around the corner and I have no ideas for presents. For Justin's family I usually to a family calender, I pull together all the pics throughout the year and put them all together for everyone to enjoy. I ask them to send me pictures so that I can do that, I only had two people respond!!!! I still need to go and get the picture disk, but hopefully there are a lot of pictures on them?? My mil (mother in law) brought her camera here this summer and needed to dump the memory card so I have a lot of pictures from her so hopefully we are good??? My family usually draws names and we buy the one person a gift which is nice so that you get one really nice present instead of a whole lot of random things. Of course we always get the kids presents though!! I love Christmas, I love getting presents and I love giving presents. You hope with each gift the person is as excited as you are when you bought it thinking that they will love it. I think as we get older it gets harder and harder to please everyone. I'm trying to come up with different traditions and things for us to try as a family, Braxten will be here this year for Christmas and I want it to be fun and play the whole Santa card, but at the same time I want him to know the reason for the season. Any ideas??? I know the most common are reading the bible story or acting it out, does any one do any other things????

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Farewell Music

Evey time that I get on to the computer to look at blogs I always end up turning the sound completely off, or pausing my music. So I have decided that as much as I love the 80's jams, they will no longer be a part of my post. Farewell fine music you are to much of a pain when I'm trying to see what all of my friends and they cute little kids are up to.