Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Pure Happiness

My kids rarely preform for the camera, in fact they never really do it takes a lot of trial and error before I can finally get some good footage, but yesterday was so funny, because he was laughing like this forever. He only will laugh for the nanny, but what's a mom to do I was there to witness it at least.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Loving water

He just can't get enough!

Random Pictures from the last few weeks

So every week I send Justin's mom and sister a picture of the week, I have so many from the past few days that I just decided to post them all. So here are some pretty random pics of some really cute kids!!!
Brody's first cowboy hat, yee haw!! He's saying getty up!
Brooklyn's first time by the pool, she didn't get in because it was to cold, but looked adorable in her bathing suit!!
First time in the pool, and he loves just chillin in the floaty
Brooklyn LOVES baby food, she eats it everything. Peas, sweet potatoes, Sweet carrots, apples, bananas.......
Chillin to long in the pool he fell asleep
Siesta!! keeping the bugs off
with his cousin Wyatt in matching suits, these two are three months apart, so Brody looks big, but Wyatt is almost 3 months and Brody almost 6!!! Can you believe 6 months!!!!
His dad was giving him water and he LOVED this, he hates baby food, and apple juice(long story he hadn't pooped in a while so we tried that), but he will drink water.
Just being precious, she fell asleep at the mall
She loves her some Grandma!!!