Sunday, February 22, 2009

Big Brother

Braxten's mom is having a baby soon and he is so nerves. He is not all that thrilled that he will soon have a baby brother, but little does he know how great of a big brother he will be. Since this last trip to Utah my little niece Olivia has been saying his name whenever she sees us, Braxty??? Go?? Braxty?? It is so cute!!! She loves him and misses him when he is not here. He also has another little cousin, Haley that loves him too!! He plays with these two so well. When we all went to Utah for my mother in laws wedding, Braxten and Haley played and had a great time. Braxten usually plays with his cousin Sam who is a year younger than him and he is a boy. These two are best buds and will most likely be best friends as they grow. When Haley was put in the mix it was so cute to watch Braxten be like an older brother and watch out for and stick up for her when people weren't getting along. He does the same with Livy he was so excited when he saw that she was walking. He would have nothing to do with her when she was a tiny baby, but now that she is mobile, he has warmed up to her and she adores him. So I think that he is going to be a great big brother and that he is going to like the whole baby thing after all. He takes after his father in that since, Justin always says that we just don't want to have kids, our life is so much easier without them. Deep down I know that he wants them and is excited for when WE start our family.

Braxten and his cute little cousins! I think he he'll be a great big brother and I can't wait for him to realize that it's not going to be that bad.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Family Photo

Well I fought my husband to finally get our family pictures done. I'm so excited!!!!! While we were in Utah we got them done by one of my friends, and I love them. I needed her to fix some of them so this picture above is just a preview! You'll have to tune in for the rest of them. Although this is one of my favorite pics, I don't like that I'm standing so far away from the boys, it's like I stink of something. Anyway I'm glad I won the battle and we got them done. It was really bright out that day so in a lot of the pics we are squinting, oh well though.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Buddy

Last year my brother in law and sister in law moved to Texas. In this move they brought there sweet little girl Olivia. Livy is my little buddy!! She is such a fun, smart, and funny little girl who keeps us all on our toes. She knows that the world adores her because when she wants something and you tell her no she just goes to the next victim and gets them to give it to her. I love her sweet little hugs and when she say my name, " M-Ma" and all the babble that she says when she is trying to tell you something. Since Ryan and Lindsey have been here they have been in Primary and so Justin and I watched her while they did their calling. It was so nice to be able to play with her for three hours and have the breaks from the lessons!! She is now old enough for nursery and so she goes there for church and I miss her so much!!!! I now have to pay attention in class, which actually is nice, but I still miss my sweet little friend. The ward is really going to be confused now because everyone thought that she was mine. Everyone always thinks that there nieces and nephews are the cutest, but I have to tell you MINE really are. Each and every one of them, I'm just lucky that Livy lives so close so I can watch her grow. I love you Girl!!!
This is her new cheesy smile she has for the camera, she is anticipating the flash!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

We're going to the Olympics!!!!!!

We just got back from Utah and we had a great time!!! Justin was able to go snow mobiling the first day that we got there. That night we went to pick up Braxten and they went skiing for the next couple of days. Braxten is getting so GOOD! He is a natural just like his dad. I'm glad that they can do this together and have such a great time and bonding experience.