Monday, June 29, 2009

Rick's Semi Reunion

So last week a couple of my girlfriends from college came in town to visit. Yes I did go to school for a year, I got my degree in socializing. It was so much fun to see my girls and just be able to hang out and talk. The first night that they all got there, we had a BBQ and swam. My friend Heather came up from Houston, Melissa came from Utah and Jenni came from Utah/Houston she just moved back. These are the girls who stayed at my house, another couple of girls came for the BBQ but weren't able to join us for anything else. It was so much fun to be around everyone to see some of the girls being moms was so cool to see what we all have become and how much we have grown.

The crew all lubing up with sun screen. Although it didn't work for Melissa and Jenni they both got fried the first day so day two wasn't as great.
Chilling with the baby out on the tube showing Brooke a good time who we do things in Dallas.
Me and Jenni!
Looks simple and relaxing right????
Wrong Justin showed us no mercy it was so much fun!!! Zoom in and look at our faces they are hilarious.
Justin had us in some really good whips and we flew off a couple of times, but for the most part it was so much fun!!! The worst injury was Jenni and Melissa's sunburns!
I had such a good time with the girls and I can't wait to do it again. I hope that next time everyone can come and join in on the fun!!


The Johnson Family said...

yeah and I have been peeling like crazy from my sunburn, but it was my own fault and I look sort of tan. Thanks for everything we will have to do it again. Love ya!!

Heather Ridge said...

We had an absolute blast. Isaac keeps talking about going back to your pool. We will definately have to do it again. Maybe when everybody else see's how much fun we had they'll come next time. Thanks again for letting us all come up, you rock!

Anonymous said...

looks like a lot of fun and you look so tan!

jenhatch said...

how FUN!!! You got the BEST degree that anyone could ever get - and you did it well I must say. It's the degree that has kept on giving! ;)

Say, do you have to come up from Houston or Utah to get an invitation to get on that boat of yours! ;) KIDDING!!!